204JustAManWhoProcuresHardToFindObjectsWilliam Smee - Developed Story

Identity :

Name : William Smee (All Lands), Zhu Bajie (East Empire), the Pig (Nickname)
Home : Enchanted Forest (Fairytale Land)
Age : more than 200 (in his late 20's during the Journey)
Species : Human
Gender : Male
Hair : Brown
Eyes : Blue
Relative : unnamed Grand-mother, Gao Cuilan (ex wife), "Pan Yunu" (ex wife - see Jade Face)
Based on : Peter Pan, Journey to the West, Water Margin

History (abriged) :

Born in the Enchanted Forest, he traveled to the East Empire looking for wealth. He get engaged in the navy and later became an ally to the rebellion. He became the magistrate of a region when Dong Zhuo ruled the country. Greedy, he used a Bandersnatch to make the people obey and giving him all he wanted. He even used it it to forced Gao Cuilan, a beautilful young woman, to marry him. Unmasked and defeated by Sun Wukong, who killed the Bandersnatch, he saw his marriage annuled et is forced to exile, under Xuanzang's watch, who saved his life from angry villagers. During the Journey, he tried to escape but discover that Dong Zhuo give a prize for his head. He then follow the group by his own will. After being hateful toward Sun Wukong, they step by step became closer and even became sword brothers. After the Journey, he was named Admiral by Xuanzang when he became Emperor. He then marry a lady of the court named "Pan Yunu". But, some time after, Sun Wukong exposed her as the Enchantress Jade Face. She is vainquished by Sun Wukong whom get sent to the Netherworld during the fight. Fearing to be blamed for the death of his wife and the hero, he is exiled from the country et get back to the Enchanted Forest, stealing a Magic Bean before leaving. He met, some time later, the new Dark One, Rumplestiltskin and the Captain Killian Jones.

Notes :
- There is only the New informations of his history, and everything that happen in the show isn't devellopped here, but (of course) remains unchanged.
- He is nicknamed "the Pig" because of his gluttony, his greed and his lust.