cb2534d8696b06b596285fed30ebee28Befana Claus


Name : Befana
Home : Avalon - Arendelle (Fairytale Land)
Age : unknown
Species : Human
Gender : Female
Hair : Blond
Eyes : Blue
Relatives : Sisters of Avalon (claimed sisters), Santa Claus (husband), Beira (daughter), Snegurochka (grand-daughter)
Based on : Christmas Folklore

Abridged History :

Befana was an enchantress, member of the nine sisters of Avalon. She fell in love with Santa Claus when the young Savior visit the Island. She left the island and her sisters for him and the young couple etablished itself in the North of Arendelle. Unable to conceive a child with her husband, she used her power to create a child made from snow. She loved her daughter Beira deeply and was devasted when she died. When her grand-daughter Snegurochka get her heart frozen, Befana use her whole power to keep her alive, unknown by anyone. When her husband get a piece of the Shattered Trolden Glass in his heart, received during his fight against the King Frost, she was unable to help him, since she lost her power saving Snegurochka. To not let his heart get corrupted by the spell, Santa Claus had to leave for others worlds, leaving his wife in Arendelle. Alone with her grand-daughter, she took care of her for some time, until the young lady disappeared through a wardrobe made by her grand-father long time ago. Befana never left her house since, but welcome warmly anyone passing by, which included the Three Wise Ones. She is reunited with her husband once a year, for 24 hours. Brought to Storybrooke by the Dark Curse, she lives here as an housewife. She will be reunited with her husband there.

Notes :
- Of course, Befana is based on the character of the same name of Italian folklore and on Mrs Claus, Santa Claus' wife.