Identity :

Name : Mordred
Home : Camelot (Faiytale Land) - Avalon
Age : 13 years old
Species : Human
Gender : Male
Hair : Black
Eyes : Brown
Relatives : Arthur (Father), Morrigan (Mother), Horned King (claimed Ancestor)
Based on : Arthurian Legends.

Abridged History :

Before Arthur became King, the Enchantress Morrigan took the traits of Guinevere and spend a night with him. Next morning, speeding up her pregnancy, she gave birth to Mordred. Mordred was create in two purposes. First, to have a legitimate claim to the throne of Camelot, which Morrigan claimed she deserved, since she is the descendant of the Horned King. Second, to be the vessel to the soul of the said king. Unfortunately, his magic potential wasn't strong enough that and the soul couldn't link with him. He still was raised to became a ruler. At King Arthur's death, he came to Camelot, claiming the throne to Guinevere, but the resentment of the people against his father was too strong and noone support his claim.
He remained in the Kingdom and, adult, became a Knight of the Round Table. At the death of Queen Guinevere, both Mordred and Galahad claimed the throne. After a long debate among the Knights, and the secret help of his mother, Mordred was crown king and Galahad sent to an impossible mission. After a war againt the Merry Men and the army of Arendelle, a new agreement was made, sharing the thrône between Mordred and Galahad. Their shared reign will be known as one of the happiest and most properous of the Kingdom.
After his death, he will stuck in Underbrook, where he will became bartender of the Rabbit Hole. He will begin a romance with his best customer, Cruella de Vil.

Notes :
- This Mordred is not as evil as his modern representation.
- The soul of the Horned King will be later linked to someone else (see Neal Nolan).
- Of course, his story will change if anything major happen in the show.
- Mordred appears in "Tales From The Underworld: A Knight With Cruella" a bonus scene from the DVD/Blu-Ray.