Identity :

Name : Morrigan
Home : Avalon
Age : unknown
Species : Human
Gender : Female
Hair : Brown
Eyes : Green
Relatives : Sisters of Avalon (claimed sisters), Mordred (son), Horned King (alleged father), Queen Mebd (mother), Badhbh & Macha Mong Ruad (sisters).
Based on : Arthurian Legend, Irish Mythology, Alcina (opera)

Abridged History :

Morrigan is one of the Nine Sisters of Avalon and the leader of them. Because of that, she is often refered as the Phantom Queen outside of the Island of Avalon. She was one of the first Enchantesses of the sisterhood, but is not originated from the Island. She claimed to be the daughter of the Horned King and planed her whole life to bring him back. That's why she tricked Arthur to have a son. She is not as evil as people thinks she is. When Podes came in the Island, she fell in love for the young man until she discovered that he is in fact Andromache, Hector's wife. She even helped them escaped her sister's warth.

Notes :
- I chose "Morrigan" name over "Morgan" since Morgan is already a character of Once Upon a Time (He is Violet's father).
- More of her History may be developed in the future.