House Montecchi

The House Montecchi is a rich family of Verona and the rival of House Capuleti. It is lead by the young Lord Romeo. Since the death of Mercuzio of Verone, a bloody feud started between this House and the House Capuleti.


Lord Romeo : Head of the House Montecchi. He was the one who started the feud with House of Capuleti, to avenge his friend's death. (see Romeo Montecchi)

Lord Montecchi

Lord Rimini : Previous Head of the House and father of Romeo and Benvolio. Like Romeo, he was know to be a convivial man and quite a womanizer. He was a good friend with Guido Capuleti with whom he built most of his fortune. He died a decade ago.


Benvolio : Young brother of Lord Romeo, and son of the previous Head of the Family, Lord Rumini. Quite a discret man. (see Benvolio Montecchi)