Kida (goddess)Goddess Kidagakash

Identity :

Name : Kidagakash
Home : Atlantis
Age : as old as the World
Species : Great Spirit
Gender : Sexless (Appear as Female)
Hair : White
Eyes : White
Relatives : /
Based on : Atlantis the Lost Empire.

Abridged History :

Kidagakash was the Great Spirit of Atlantis, the incarnation of the Land itself. She was revered as a Goddess by the people. When the Land collapsed, she manage to gather her last strength into a single piece of land and save it from destruction. This safe haven, later known as Avalon, will now wander from Land to Land. A gigantic crystal thrones in the center of the Island and is still worship by the Nine Sisters of Avalon as the True Heart of the Goddess. It is unknown if Kidagakash survived the cataclysm or if the Spirit vanished with the rest of the Land. According to Kida, her namesake, the Goddess still watch over the Island.

Notes :
- The character of Kida from Disney's movie is here split into two characters : Kida Nedakh and the Goddess Kidagakash.