Pan2The Great Shepard

Identity :

Name : Pan (name given by the inhabitants)
Home : Neverland
Age : as old as the World
Species : Great Spirit
Gender : Sexless (Appear as Male)
Hair : White
Eyes : Gold
Relatives : /
Based on : Greek Mythology.

Abridged History :

The Great Shepard, named Pan by Neverland first inhabitants, is the Great Spirit of the Land. He always run through the Island. The people of the Island lived normal but happy lifes under his protection until the Great Shadow comme to the Island from an unknown Land. The Great Shepard try to repeal this Evil Incarnate, but was vainquished and even killed. Without his Great Spirit, Neverland was ment to died. To avoid this, and make the Island his own, the Great Shadow froze the Time. The place of the demise of the Great Shepard was later known as Dark Hollow where his last screams of agony can be ear over and over again.

Notes :
- The flute used by Peter Pan was once made by him, long before Malcolm came to Neverland.
- The Golden Fleece was probably his own too.