The Nine Sisters of Avalon


The Sisters of Avalon is a sisterhood of Enchantress etablished in the Island of Avalon. They have powers surpassing those of the other mages, maybe except the Dark One's. Due to the singularity of the Island, they travel between world, but mostly remains seclusive on the Island, only allowing those they consider worthy to enter in the Island. Even if they are new and former members in the sisterhood, the number of sisters roughly remains of nine.

Current Members


Kida Nedakh : Kida is the oldest Sister of Avalon, and the only one to be originate from Atlantis. She acts as the Guardian of the Island, with the help of the Kraken. She is mostly a warrior and a woman of few words.


Morrigan :
Morrigan acts as the Leader of the sisterhood. All other Enchantresses, except Kida, have to answer to her. She is several milleniums years old and claim to be the Horned King's daughter.


Circe :
Circe is one of the most well known of the Sisters in the outside world. She is famed for her love for men and had several lovers over time. Curiously, every men she brought to the Island never came back.


Medea :
Medea is one of the most vicious Sisters of Avalon. She is the niece of Circe and joined the sisterhood some decades ago, after some tragic events. She seems to have a deep hate for all men.


Alcina :
Alcina is the youngest Sister of Avalon. She born in the Island and never left it. She is really curious about the outside world, but juged too naive by Morrigan to allow her to go outside.

Former Members


Amara : Amara was one of the Sisters and acted as a mother to all of them. She had three sons of her own and eventually chose to left the Island to give them a normal live. She always remained on touch with her sisters until some tragic events turn over her life.


Befana :
Befana was one of the Sisters, but, against Morrigan's orders, choose to leave the Island to follow the man she loved. Since she does not use magic often and never returned to the Island, her powers are just the shadow of what they used to be.

Notes :
- More members will be added over time.
- It is yet unknown how Hecube know the Sisters and why they agree to help her.
- This Sisterhood explained the origin of Amara's power in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.