online-melanie-rt_0014Kida Nedakh

Identity :

Name : Kida Nedakh
Home : Avalon - Atlantis
Age : unknown
Species : Human
Gender : Female
Hair : Brown
Eyes : Black
Relatives : Sisters of Avalon (claimed sisters)
Based on : Atlantis the Lost Empire

Abridged History :

Kida is the last pure Atlantean still alive. She was only a child when her homeland was destroyed. She remains on the Island of Avalon, the last piece of her world and protect it with the help of the Kraken she controle. Great Enchantress but also capable warrioress, she never use magic unless she have to. She rarely interact with other peoples, even her follow Sisters of Avalon. The fact she tolerates their presence on the Island let presume all of them have atlantean blood in their veins.

Notes :
- The character of Kida from Disney's movie is here split into two characters : Kida Nedakh and the Goddess Kidagakash.